A workflow and automation platform for sustainability management, governance and compliance. It helps organisations define, measure, audit, report and improve ESG performance.


Sustainability management is complex and time consuming. Cogneum ESG makes it intuitive and helps organisations be more sustainable. This saves money on sustainability management, reduces operational costs, increases revenue and improves reputation.

Using a combination of templates, tracking, automation and more, we focus on the “How” of sustainability and overcome the toughest obstacles to efficient sustainability management and compliant reporting

Sustainability Suite solves the problems of inefficient and non-compliant sustainability management and the associated revenue and reputational damage by automating tasks and streamlining business processes with an easy-to-use and easy-to-configure cloud solution.

It combines remote collaboration, objectives and risks, KPI analysis, multi-framework support, document management, evidence tracking, report generation, audit trail and stakeholder communications in one easy to use platform.

Key Benefits

The benefits of using Sustainability Suite are:

- Better understanding of sustainability risks and opportunities
- Streamlining processes, reducing costs and improving efficiency
- Improving revenue, reputation and brand loyalty
- Better sustainability performance
- Enhance corporate governance and compliance
- Deliver accurate and auditable reports
- Reduced financial and reputational risk
- Engaged and aligned stakeholders


Using Sustainability Suite™ organisations can: 1) define, assign, track, collect and store relevant data and content, 2) measure and improve performance and 3) create stakeholder specific internal or external reports. Reports can be for: compliance, risk management, fund/portfolio management, responsible investing or any other communication need.

It supports internationally recognized frameworks such as GRI, UN SDG, TCFD, UN Global Compact and DJSI. It also allows the creation of client-defined frameworks and disclosures.

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