An array of solutions and management tools. Primarily to define a carbon footprint and ascertain a sustainability investment journey leading to technological installations.


All organisations are struggling to be sustainable, it can be scary. It is a big opportunity too.
Many just don't know the process to undertake as the business changes expected exhibit high risk to their business plans, yet are driven by their customers to make a difference, while, those that fail to do so see their customers walk away.

Businesses that have engaged with us have gone on to truly understand their carbon footprint that is unique to them. We bring the tools and systems together into one place this enables real, accurate and live data gathering, leading them to take control of their sustainability investments and help their supply chains in creating an investable roadmap to net zero.

Those that do have gone on to make informed decisions, having ascertained the right technologies and/or processes that will work for them.

We recognise that no one solution fits all. With powerQuad our experts understand this, and provide both the software and hardware solutions to make your sustainability journey as quick, risk free, and rewarding as you want.

Here at powerQuad we have engineered solutions from our work already carried out with organisations driven to be sustainable.
We not only provide deep technical knowledge and consultancy, to be with you for your journey, we also proved the software and hardware tools to help you do it.
Our consultancy work allows us to really understand our customers business, and the risks to both investing and not investing in sustainability. This allows our customers to be fully in control of their decisions.

Our software tools and services are designed for organisations with mixed assets and complex supply chains. We recognise that real data and accurate data are the only way to proving investments meet the needs and have the right returns for growth. Our software sits alongside a vast number of process a business has, from procurement, to manufacturing and shipping. Managers and Directors of every department/process feed in their information to help higher level decision making.
With complex analysis and reporting board, and senior managers see directly the measures and progress undertaken.

We recognise that although sustainability is a big word with a broad definition, it is driven through energy. That is energy generated and consumed by the business.
Energy is a key component of carbon footprints and the drive to sustainability, it is also a key cost factor in manufacturing and supply.
With powerQuads Energy Storage systems that link in with our software solutions businesses get total control of their costs. Beyond the benefits of Energy Security, our business customers of battery storage, operate knowing their costs, carbon and time have real savings.

powerQuad and our team are driven to helping businesses be sustainable, carbon reducing and reap the rewards and benefits of doing so.

Key Benefits

Organisations that have gone on use our services and solutions find them on a journey to net zero. Typical steps are:
1) Data gathering on business operations with a Carbon contribution
2) Fully understand and trust their carbon footprint reports
3) Implement and investment strategy for sustainability, seeing the real Carbon reductions possible.
4) Manage their commitments and track their progress.
Leading to
5) Energy security & resilience that ultimately de-risks their business strategy and investments.


Our work to date with businesses has been driven on those with multiple assets, and high numbers of stakeholders both internally and externally.
Such as Local Authorities, Office & co-working space (including science parks, and university campuses), and finally leisure and tourism such as hotels..

Organisations that have multiple supply chains with multiple levels are a key target for us, with manufacturing being a priority. As an engineering company with extensive understanding of manufacturing and international supply chains this is a particular focus.

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