Sustainable biomass composites

CAMBOND – planet friendly alternatives to plastics

Cambond have developed a technology that allows us to manufacture a range of plant based composites that are cleaner, greener substitute materials for mdf, chipboards, plastics etc.


The plastics industry is indispensable for modern life. The industry is oil based and generates millions of tonnes of CO2 and plastic products can cause environmental damage. Cambond has developed a plant based resin with a range of biomass fibres and polymers to make Cambond composites a planet friendly alternative to plastics. Manufacturers* of plastic products struggle to be more environmentally acceptable because of 2 main problems: 1) Cost - alternatives to plastics are more expensive than the materials they replace. 2) Supply - alternatives are often available in limited supplies inhibiting large scale change. Cambond provides a solution to these issues. They are largely plant based (>50%) and so enjoy the commercial advantage of a lower cost feedstock. Biomass by products from agriculture are available all over the world in very large quantities. Camposite©s© can replace plastics in existing manufacturing processes which use moulding and extrusion to make a wide range of products. Our materials can be manufactured and supplied to manufacturers for LESS than the cost of their current virgin plastics.

Key Benefits

Cambond composites could reduce the carbon burden of the plastics industry in two ways: 1) For every tone of Camposite© 500KG of plant material displaces 500KG of synthetic polymers. Potentially saving millions of tonnes of oil. 2) Millions of tonnes of CO2 are released by agriculture in the disposal of waste materials (wheat, rice, straws, peanut processing waste etc.). This material is biomass for Cambond composites. 3) Cambond composites are a cost-effective carbon capture technology. Cambond composites are a UK invention that has been developed for existing manufacturing processes. Key innovations are scaleable supply, cost competitiveness and ease of use. A SUBSTITUTE for plastic in a huge range of commercial products. It could dramatically change the carbon footprint of whole industries from positive to negative.


Cambonds technology has been protected by patents and is under evaluation by a number of companies in China and Europe. Our development studies have indicated that our technology is not only new but, more importantly, capable of rapid scale up for commercial use. We and our partner companies have evaluated Cambond technology for ease of use and technical properties in manufacturing and the final products. Cambond is superior to soy, sugar and starch based alternatives both on grounds of cost and ease of use. We have demonstrated the key competitive advantages of Camposite© in two main ways: • Cambond composites can be used as a direct replacement for plastics in EXISTING manufacturing processes. • Cambond composites compete directly on cost with existing plastics and is typically 10% cheaper. These two attributes mean that with support and efficient management Camposite© could bring a step change in the plastics sector which is currently struggling with limited options to combat the wide held view that it is a significant contributor to degradation of the global evironment. Cambond have made a number of ijection and compression moulded products (cups, plates, trays, coathangers) to demonstrate that a biomass based composite can be used as an effective replacement for plastics.

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