Plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition to deliver industry leading ultra-thin coatings in mass production and proven on over 20 billion products.


Global regulations and environmental responsibility are driving industries to minimise and move away from the wide spread use of fluorine-based chemicals in protective coatings. Our clients use P2i’s plasma coating to sustainably protect electronics, devices and materials from water ingress and corrosion. Through increasing manufacturing yields, reducing costs, reducing e-waste and minimising the use of chemicals by applying ultra-thin coatings, P2i's liquid protection coatings deliver sustainable competitive advantages to our customers.

Key Benefits

Reliability: Inherent process tech delivers a molecular level of protection, performing to the highest qualification and reliability standards.
Ultra-thin: no electrical masking.
Sustainable: reworkable, reusable, recyclable.


Electronics, Materials, Medical.

(we can treat any solid object to provide protective coatings and add value).

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