Magway delivers goods, supplies & removes waste between consolidation centres or car parks & the Bicester shopping destinations through underground pipes sustainably & affordably.


Magway combines recent technological advances with its own intellectual property and tried and tested technology to deliver goods through pipelines affordably, securely and sustainably. It would reduce the reliance on Heavy Goods Vehicles for delivery of goods and removal of waste into the Bicester Village and the resulting emissions, congestion, road maintenance costs and safety. It would enable tenants to call down stock and supplies as and when needed to their retail units, enhancing the merchandising of their stores and removing waste from them. It could also be used for delivery of supplies, food and beverage to the Village. Also for transporting client purchases to collection points within car parks enhancing the client experience. Magway has won numerous awards including Heathrow Innovation, New Civil Engineer "Visionary Airport" and Singapore Slingshot Top 100 Global Start Up. We have a working demonstrator and are now ready for a commercial pilot. Magway is a game changing retail solution.

Key Benefits

Magway reduces the reliance on Heavy Goods Vehicles for the transportation of goods and waste. In so doing it improves air quality, congestion, safety, cost of delivery and road maintenance costs. It also has potential benefits to further enhance the customer experience by enabling them to collect them at the car park as opposed to having to carry them around the Village.


Delivery of goods, supplies, food and beverage
Stock replenishment
Removal of waste
Delivery of customer retail purchases to collection points

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