Swapi is a next generation mobile wallet which allows users to earn, consolidate & swap loyalty currencies for products, coupons, promotions & gift cards in the Swapi marketplace


There are £6 Billion worth of unspent loyalty Rewards in the UK, and globally this increases to $360 Billion. Customer trends have changed and consumers want the choice to spend their reward where and when it suits them. The biggest problem with loyalty and rewards globally is the expiry of rewards before they can be redeemed, driven by the large liabilities which sit on many company balance sheets.

Swapi will change all of this in favour of both brands and consumers allowing for a much more fluid movement of loyalty rewards globally whilst lowering liability of loyalty and increasing customer engagement. its win win win!

Our technology allows for consumers to swap their unused loyalty rewards (and gift card balances in the future) for other promotions and incentives within the Swapi market place. This allows brands and consumers to avoid the expiry of loyalty points which is the most negative experience in loyalty today. Consumers can swap points for points, products, gift cards, services and anything else which brands offer to acquire consumers.

We have created a unique technology which removes the hassle and complexity of having to buy and sell loyalty currencies & work out exchange rates across various programs and territories. This means that all brands can participate including SME's and local markets.

Swapi also has its own currency which can be accrued in various ways including through card linking, affiliates and by offering currency to brands to offer to their users at their discretion. Swapi points can be consolidated with other program currencies to redeem in the Swapi Market place. Brands can also white label our currency and re brand it without having to take on any complex loyalty infrastructure.

Our Technology is also available on a B2B API so that brands can choose components to white label at their will or they can white label the entire Swapi infrastructure and plug this directly into their own architecture.

Key Benefits

By partnering with Swapi brands can expect the following:

- Multi industry usage
- Global capability allows swapping of loyalty rewards across different territories
- Lower financial liability of loyalty
- Avoid Expiry of Loyalty points
- Easy Redemption
- Increase customer engagement
- Acquire new customers
- Reactivate lapsed customers
- Simple and common API integration
- Offering Swapi Points requires zero integration
- Option to White label any component of Swapi
- Embellish existing loyalty technology
- Channel agnostic


Swapi is applicable to all industries with a specific focus on B2C markets, local and global.

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