Our proprietary technology has the ability to colour any surface (metal, glass, plastic) with an outstanding looking finish that can be customised with a small laser machine.


Our innovation is a coating that enables mass customization normally "static" products like watch, jewellery, mobile phones and more.

Key Benefits

1) The ability to create absolutely outstanding colors on any material (metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, etc) without the need for chemicals or wet treatments of any kind.
2) The ability to customize that color (i.e, change it to a second or third color) by using a desktop sized laser machine.
3) The customization can be done multiple times; the same laser machine can erase and re-write a product thousands of time.


Decorative applications (watch, smartphone, jewelry).
Security applications (smart optical devices on passports and banknotes).
Logistics (re-writeable labels for quality assurance, security and tracking)

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