The Take Cover provides body conforming flotation padding protection to be used during disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes, and flooding.


The amazing simplicity of the Take Cover is that it deploys from a simple padded square to a T-shaped configuration providing almost complete body coverage. The patented design of the Take Cover is only comprised of four components: neoprene material, flotation padding,
web straps and Velcro.

Key Benefits

The one myth you so often hear is that in many cases people refuse to evacuate, when in most cases the reason is purely economics, people with disabilities, seniors and children with no means to go. Using this invention provides an immediate life-saving response when faced with natural disasters and prevents injuries and fatalities. The establishment of the Take Cover would directly address this growing concern of Emergency Preparedness in a new era of storms and tornadoes that develop into historic and deadly strength within minutes or hours.


The Take Cover is a simple portable safety device that can be stored in a wheelchair, walker, closet or recreational vehicle. This device will also be instrumental in ice rescues and can serve as a stretcher to assist the injured or air-dropped to individuals in vastly flooded areas.

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