a tool to help anyone find their career path by collecting data about the interests and hobbies and suggesting professions to chose from.


The user fills in their basic data as usual, then requested to start digging deeper, apart from their usual CV history, I ask them to open up and tell about their hobbies, dreams, wishes, ideas about a perfect job, environment or team. Using a database of professions I recommend professions with a match percentage, and showing what other qualities are required for the given job. As the user browses through the careers, they get a better understanding about themselves and I get a good data source to recommend jobs based on my users' collected data which I can use to further improve the careers, adding more and more skills and competences. Later I can use connection of education institutes that has the exact training or course that my user can take to change their career to have a happy life.

Key Benefits

First of all it is free for the users. If funding needed later that can be done by education institutes. The difference between this and the usual job platforms are:
1, this has no job offers, it shows career paths, professions.
2, this doesn't collect personal data, users will be identified by username and password. No GDPR issues.
This isn't a single use tool, this can follow up someone's progress, career change and by collecting more data, open up new adventures, more sophisticated paths after the first successful career change.


Users: anyone
Partners: education institutes.

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