This technology is a novel re-formulation of Resatorvid and is designed for delivery to the skin for diseases such as skin cancer.


Design and Development of Innovative Formulations of Resatorvid for Targeted Skin Drug Delivery and Applications Therein

Tech ID: UA20-161

This technology is a novel formulation of Resatorvid, a selective TL4 inhibitor that was originally designed for the treatment of sepsis. This re-formulation is designed for delivery to the skin for diseases such as skin cancer.

Skin cancers tend to be slow growing and can be cured with early and adequate treatment. Non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common neoplasm in countries with high rates in caucasian populations and in cases of high UV ray exposure. In the United States alone, there are more than half a million new cases per year. Despite the fatality rate of non-melanoma skin cancer being minimal, it is known to cause significant impact including severe local destruction, permanent disfigurement and disability.

Currently, there are several recommended preventive measures for skin cancer including recommendations for avoiding UV rays from the sun or tanning beds, utilizing broad spectrum sunscreen and scheduling routine dermatologist examinations. Even with these preventive measures available to most, skin cancers cases are still bountiful. The need for more advanced preventive measures would significantly reduce the amount of cases yearly.

Key Benefits

- Hydrophobic
- Can use various platforms (serum, lotion, etc)
- Selectivity (selective inhibition of TL4)
- Topical
- Targeted drug delivery
- “First in class” therapeutic


- Prevention of non-melanoma skin cancers

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