Taura fruit pieces are made from fruit and vegetable purees and concentrates using a specialist technology to evaporate water, resulting in an easy to handle natural ingredient


Consumers are interested in foods which are more natural, and have higher nutritional quality. Taura fruit pieces offer a way to include high quality fruit and veg goodness into foods at the product development stage. The natural nutrition such as vitamin and antioxidant content from the fruit and veg is protected through the Taura production process, which also delivers an ingredient with appealing colour, flavour and texture . Taura pieces help to deliver differentiation and add consumer interest to food products that will stand out on shelf and encourage repeat purchase.

Key Benefits

Adding fruit and veg to food products (cereals, bakery, confectionary) to increase consumer interest and provide natural goodness.


Ready-to-eat cereals; cereal bars; biscuits, cakes, chocolate confectionary; fruit snacking

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