Making surfaces and objects interactive through shared interactive projection.


TBL XR layers animated and interactive content onto existing surfaces and objects. Described by many users as 'magic' the ability to go 'beyond the screen' and create a shared interactive experiences for training, retail or public information can be very powerful.

Key Benefits

In short, TBL XR adds a bit of magic, by layering animated and interactive content onto existing surfaces and objects. In our latest Prototype for Nespresso we have leveraged the ability to share an augmented experience. This has had clear benefits on team building and made possible a shared immerse experience. Using objects placed on a simple table surface, along with simple hand movements, the TBL XR system generates group problem solving challenges that enhance the individual participants story telling abilities through a more compelling, multi sensory experience.


Break down the barriers between the screen/headset world and the physical world, TBL XR has many elegant, enticing and practical applications, form retail and dining through to group learning and public health.

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