An indoor ecosystem where plants thrive through automatically generated and applied growth recipes. Allowing for flexibility of crops, zero pesticides and minimal food miles.


IGS is a UK technology company born of innovation, bringing together a broad range of design and problem-solving talents. Our technology addresses the growing concern by food producers and consumers who are seeking to increase food security, reduce food miles and deliver fresh, pesticide free produce. Since 2013, IGS has been developing a fully-automated Vertical Farming solution. Our technology is internationally recognised as best-in-class and repeatedly award-winning. Founded by an experienced farmer and an industrial automation expert, IGS is built on six families of patents, 100% IOT-enabled using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, IGS’ products are designed to deliver dramatic productivity benefits and significantly increase efficiency.

Described as the "John Deere of Vertical Farming", IGS delivers platforms that create ideal climates for plants, based upon a culture of continuous innovation, brilliant, simple design and a refusal to accept conventional technical thinking. Our Growth Towers are a powerful, smart system built for any environment, anywhere in the world. Designed to grow a diverse range of crops, our Growth Towers use photon-optimised growth recipes to consistently deliver precision grown, high quality and high yielding crops. We work with growers to empower them with solutions that work for their specific needs. We demand that our Growth Towers comply with our 3 E's approach - Excellent quality produce, Economically-viable production in an Environmentally sustainable way.

Key Benefits

The IGS approach means that we are not competing with our customers. By selling a vertical farming technology platform, our customers can grow the crops they need, when they need them. Our technology can grow from seed-to-harvest, fruiting crops or even starter plants for propagation into traditional growth systems (field, glass, poly). This enables the grower to further optimise their existing processes and secure their supply chain.

Our unique lighting technology allows for a process called photon optimisation which enables the most efficient cost of production by giving plants the light they need when they need it. By integrating the lighting into our HVAC system we can use inefficiencies in a positive way, significantly reducing our cooling loads. Our closed-loop approach means that our water consumption is 95% less than traditional agriculture.

Our software drives the system and enables the grower to have end-to-end traceability with precision control of all processes.

We have built in energy management capabilities from the start which means that we can be an energy asset as opposed to a burden as a power user. This enables greater adoption of renewables onto the wider energy network.


Food production, plant-raising and propagation, seeds and breeding development, science and academia, pharmaceutical application, aromatics and extracts.

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