Providing companies with high quality hospitality and logistics staff at short notice.


BuzzHire is an on-demand staffing platform that provides temporary jobs to freelancers, and staff to businesses in an innovative way. We developed apps and websites to facilitate matchings, and already completed thousands of bookings since our launch in 2015.

We are less than two years old and so offer a uniquely challenging and exciting environment. Our team is still small, but already with 10 different nationalities and many skill sets : candidates will have the opportunity to gain transferable skills across many different areas.

We are well funded, growing fast, and hitting a multi-billion dollar market. There is huge VC interest in this space given the size of the opportunity. We provide competitive salary and equity.



99% of our staffing requests are successfully filled, well above the industry average of 60%.


One-to-one screening

10% of all applicants are accepted on our platform, with a minimum requirement of 6 months experience.


Peace of mind

Submit a request and receive confirmation of your BuzzWorker within 30mins.



We take care of finding and confirming the perfect candidate so you spend 0 time on recruitment and payroll.


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