Text Analytics

Natural Language Processing and Insight Extraction

MeaningCloud provides a text analytics SaaS platform and on-prem licenses to extract accurate insights. We work for different industries developing custom solutions.


MeaningCloud provides text analytics products to extract accurate insights SaaS and On-prem. We work for different industries, (pharma, finance, media, retail, hospitality, telco, etc.) developing personalized and industry-oriented solutions. Our scenarios include: - Analysis of the voice of the customer/employee/citizen - Insight extraction - Compliance (LegalTech/FinTech) - Market intelligence - Smart ticketing (for helpdesks) - Robotic Process Automation Our demos: https://meaningcloud.com/demos A general presentation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_YpgyCavNVVxgW2dfNdYqh-nZ3EPQOn9 Contact: [email protected]

Key Benefits

- Cost reduction (by automating tasks previously carried out by human agents) - Understanding and addressing the root causes of business problems, understanding customers in general: their needs, their interests, etc. - Augmented intelligence


- Analysis of the voice of the customer - Analysis of the voice of the employee - Analysis of the voice of the patient - Compliance (LegalTech/FinTech) - Market intelligence - Smart ticketing (for helpdesks, chatbots) - Robotic Process Automation

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