The 900ECO Tower is a solar powered multi-purpose trailer which offers 4 camera CCTV 4G connectivity lighting perimeter detection warning PA system and two way radio repeater


“Our eco friendly tower is the first to have zero impact on your carbon footprint during operation. The solar panels and wind turbine generator, power the 4 camera CCTV, 4G connectivity, lighting, perimeter detection, 4 PIR detectors with warning, PA system and two-way radio repeater. The 900Eco Tower which can be hired or bought will give instant security to your site and staff. The cameras record 24/7 and the time and date stamped footage can be linked to a monitoring station if required. The recorded video footage can be viewed on a computer, tablet or mobile phone anywhere in the world. It can also be linked to your existing system. The 3 bullet and 1 Pan Tilt Zoom camera give 360 degree coverage day and night with a dedicated web portal. The Point-to-Point link allows you to connect additional cameras up to 5km away. An audible warning to intruders is one option of a deterrent using the built in PA system and a speak via web portal application. Lithium gel batteries will constantly be recharged via the solar panels and wind turbine which sits on top of the retractable 6m mast. Even without charge the batteries will give 4/5 days life to the Eco Tower. The 900Eco Tower can be adapted to include additional features based on your site’s requirements. The 4 stabilising legs and single axle trailer allow for rapid installation. The unit has a host of security features designed to stop it being stolen including an inbuilt tracker.”

Key Benefits

Easily adaptable Rapidly Deploy-able Zero impact on carbon footprint during operation Self Sustainable Multi Purpose functionality No Hard Wiring


The 900ECO Tower is the ideal solution for sites without mains or electric, with its single axle for easy transportation and retractable mast, the trailers is rapidly deployed to provide an efficient and effective solution without the need for fixed infrastructure.

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