The Banking Innovation Monitor

The Banking Innovation Monitor tracks innovation in banking.

The Banking Innovation Monitor collects best practices in banking-innovation. It is global, quarterly, has clear structure and helps Banks & FinTech Companies get innovation right.


We create and publish The Banking Innovation Monitor. The Banking Innovation Monitor is a collection of the latest innovation efforts in the banking industry. It is global, it is quarterly and it has very transparent and clear structure. It helps Banks and FinTech Entrepreneurs get their own innovative efforts right. It is unique and powerful because: It covers all geographic regions globally It is structured and shows each innovation project in the same, comparable system It features 30 key projects per quarter It collects global best practices in banking innovation and calls the attention to them It is a one stop shop to keep you updated and make you the most competitive among your colleagues without wasting your time to all the noise and all the unstructured ad hoc internet sources dealing with FinTech and banking innovation It costs £49.99 quarterly.


- Bankers - FinTech Investors (VCs, Angels, Private Equity, Investment Banking) - FinTech Entrepreneurs - FinTech Mentors - FinTech Incubators - FinTech Accelerators - FinTech, Tech and Banking Press - UX, CX Designers - Regulators - FinTech and Banking IT Developers and Vendors

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