The Climate School is an engagement and capacity-building programme which inspires, equips and empowers employees to take action on climate in their role at work.


The Climate School is an engagement and capacity-building programme designed to accelerate ambitious corporate responses to the climate crisis by inspiring, equipping and empowering employees to take positive action in their role at work.

The entry point into this engagement process is our Head, Heart, Hands Climate Action Readiness Assessment, which explores a company’s capacity to respond to the climate crisis, testing key levers around knowledge, conscience and engagement amongst employees. The results of this assessment establish a baseline that provides information to companies on how equipped their employees are to act on climate.

The assessment also informs tailored engagement and “learning-into-action” programmes. We have developed a climate curriculum in partnership with AXA Climate, Leader’s Quest, and Schoolab. Designed to be a digital-first engagement and learning programme for employees of organisations across a variety of sectors, The Climate School seeks to not only democratise access to training on climate but also accelerate action at pace and scale.

Corporates who complete training through the Climate School will also join the Climate Innovators Network as members and through it, can access technologies to transform their supply chains and enable them in their climate commitments.

Key Benefits

A digital-first engagement and learning programme that seeks to not only democratise access to training on climate but also drive action.

Our vision is for a “Winning Team” of employees that are equipped, inspired and empowered to work on climate change - spanning companies and gaining momentum across whole industries and beyond.

Our Climate Action Readiness Assessment (CARA) provides insight into areas of the workforce which are engaged and can be activated to harness the opportunities of climate action, and risk areas -- where employees' lack of engagement or understanding of planetary issues will undermine the company's capacity to thrive sustainably.

From CARA, we deploy tailored training programmes which build knowledge (Heart), fosters motivation to act (Heart), and equips everyone with the tools they need to act (Hands). Through our training, employees are engaged to drive the sustainable agenda of their organisation, ensuring no one is left behind in the green transition.

Through access to the Climate Innovators Network, corporates who complete Climate School training will be connected to green technologies and solutions they can implement across their supply chains, enabling action and innovation.


Corporates who've made bold emissions reduction targets or are committed in other ways to leading the green transition.

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