We help communities engage in spatial planning for essential and ambitious infrastructure improvements, through our data-powered digital engagement platform.


We expect Waitrose to need to make regular spatial adjustments to the shop floor, back of house and customer access, in order to safely adapt to evolving government and local guidance on Covid-19, industry best practise, and the changeable needs of partners, customers and immediate neighbours. Our digital platform, PlaceBuilder, will enable you to gather spatial feedback from stakeholders in real time, and provide data you can act on. You'll be able to communicate new layouts, test with local stakeholders what adjustments are needed, and which are feasible. And importantly, you'll be able to demonstrate you're listening deeply to prioritise the safety of your staff and customers, while enhancing your operational efficiency.

Key Benefits

Our platform helps you engage meaningfully, at scale. It provides industry-leading engagement rates, meaning your partners and customers will feel inspired and included! The user-centric design of the platform help users understand the situation and explore options available, so you can quickly understand the preferences or viability of alternatives, which is key in this new era of uncertainty. Doing this digitally is much more cost effective too. Our cutting edge spatial data analytics provide instant insights so you can act quickly on the best possible information, and in a way that's easy to communicate back to stakeholders. If you're also looking to implement schemes that might be controversial, we can help. By using our platform across an area of 8000 homes, Lewisham Council was able to double the number of ambitious planning interventions they could implement that they normally could. This has helped the client achieve much stronger benefits for their residents with the available funding, particularly important in the Covid era. Our clients include Scottish Government, Ministry for Housing, Communities & Local Government, London Borough of Lewisham, Maddox Planning, Bromford Housing Association, London School of Architecture. "Thank you for doing this. This has been the best consultation format I've encountered." - Consultee, 2019 "PlaceBuilder made it easier for us to incorporate community feedback into designs. This is vital to build trust and show we’re listening, and meant we could improve the neighbourhood in the way our communities wanted." Client, Josh Learner, Lewisham Council


Spatial planning

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