What’s in the air you breathe?

The global leader in location-based real-time air quality data, helping more than 5.5 billion people improve their health with actionable data.


BreezoMeter, the world's leader in location-based, real-time air quality data, helps more than 5.5 billion people globally to improve their health in the short and long term. Derived from governmental sensors, satellites, weather patterns, transportation dynamics and other sources, BreezoMeter provides companies highly accurate air pollution data to drive user engagement and sales, while impacting their users’ daily routines. The data, including pollutant concentrations and forecast, offers resolution down to the city block level. BreezoMeter’s API is easily integrated into products and apps of enterprises of diverse industries, including smart homes, fitness and lifestyle, cosmetics, automotive, and health technologies.

Key Benefits

Intuitive air pollution heatmap offers real-time visualization of air pollution. Forecast air quality, up to 96 hours. Pollen counts provide insight for asthmatic, allergic, or other sensitive populations. Actionable, easy-to-follow advice to minimize exposure to air pollution. Pollutant concentrations and cause/effects


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