Every year enough food is wasted in supply-chains. By digitalizing supply-chains and bringing the supply-chain online in real-time, we can feed 2 Bn people with the saved food.


We are using real-time, globally connected IoT sensors to provide real-time visibility in the supply-chain for perishable and valuable goods to provide actionable data to avoid spoilage.
Using ML abnormal conditions can be predicted and pro-active alerts sent to avoid spoilage, classification algorithms help to identify subpar performance and Blockchain is used to certify quality throughout the supply-chain.
We are truly blessed to live in times where we have the technology to solve global problems and with this technology we believe to avoid food from spoiling in supply-chains and therefore free-up resources to feed additional 2 Bn people.

Key Benefits

A strong financial incentive for action - losses of 1 trillion USD in perishables every year in supply chains - paired with the possibility to impact strongly SDG2 with currently existing software and technology.


Application in Food logistics, tested in meat and fish industry and supporting fruit and vegetables including ripening supervision and planning.

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