The Xiatech Single Data View Platform delivers 3 services in one: 1. Real-Time system integration 2. Single View of data - e.g. Customer, Sales, Product 3. Real-Time analytics


The Xiatech Single Data View Platform is a cloud based SaaS offering, delivering 3 services in one:
1. Real-Time integration of your systems
2. Single View of data - e.g. Customer, Sales, Product, Finance
3. Real-Time analytics & insight

The SDV platform allows our customers to extract data in real-time from their operational systems, cleanse, merge & dedupe it & provide a real-time view of that data for analysis and further system and process integration and orchestration

Using Cloud native technology, our customers benefit from our platform by integrating their business applications, consolidating the data from the numerous business and system silos, and creating a single view of data from across the enterprise. This single view of data is then used for insight, analytics, AI and ML

Key Benefits

1. REAL-TIME integration - Industry/sector ready integration accelerators allowing business to quickly join up their systems allowing data to flow, transform and consolidate all in real-time
2. Industry/sector ready data models and ingestion pipelines to create a 360 degree view of an organisation's data such as customers, products, sales, orders and inventory
3. Provide a real-time view of the data direct to the organisation's end users from reporting, dashboards and analytics

The main benefits are as follows:
Our industry-ready connectors, data models, dashboards and analytics rapidly speed up the time to market of your solution, with the ability to extract any data from any system in near-real time

Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of integration compared to integrating each new system individually

Rapidly accelerate the speed of delivering the overall business roadmap (typically by 30%) & ‘Unlock your data’ by removing data silos

‘Turbo charge your legacy systems’ – allows companies to retain & protect legacy systems whilst building a best of breed system architecture to deliver business value

Reduce complex point to point integration – simplifies future integration and support (‘decouple’ your systems) under one platform

Allows innovation, test & learn – plug in architecture allows for rapid innovation and proof of concept

Future agility & flexibility – quickly add new channels to market & capability e.g. Point of Sale, Marketplace, Warehouses, Machine Learning, Social integration

Build incrementally towards one single, centralised, 360 degree view of all your data
e.g. Customer, Product, Inventory, across all your channels

Removes integration from the critical path of any project – allows companies to focus on running their business whilst we focus on the integration

Scalable, robust, resilient & secure – the always on SDV integration platform scales with your business (on-demand, per per use model)


There are multiple use cases for our SDV platform as it has three common purposes:
1. Real time System Integration and extraction of data from key operational systems
2. Single View of data - customers, products, orders, sales, inventory, finance
3. Real-time dashboards, reporting, business intelligence, analytics, AI and ML

All the above is cloud-based, provided on a monthly subscription

These can all be combined in different ways to drive value for our customers. such as:

1. Supporting Customer Engagement.
We provide out of the box and bespoke adapters into our clients' operational and customer facing systems, such as a Retailer's ERP, CRM, eCommerce, loyalty and ePOS. A common use case is for us (Xiatech) to implement our Single Data View platform to integrate data from the Retailer's eCommerce platform such as Hybris or SalesForce Commerce, their CRM system such as SalesForce Marketing Cloud and other operational systems (such as ePOS) to extract their reference and transactional data, enrich it, transform it, cleanse it, merge and dedupe it and to consolidate it into one single view of data in near-real-time. We transform the data for onward transmission to other systems, or for the Retailer to perform insight and analytics or to create customer campaigns to engage with the Retailer's customer base.

2. Unlock your data
At Xiatech we work with a spectrum of similar use cases, providing integration and data expertise using our experienced development team and market-leading Single Data View platform which is an Integration Platform as a Service, a Data Management platform and a platform for Data Insight and Analytics all in one.
We use the latest technology from our cloud partners to deliver a highly scalable, resilient and secure event-based architecture for our flexible integration and data platform to deal with extremely high transaction throughput of millions of transactions per day. The unlocked data is typically provided via a Data Lake where we overlay visualisation tools such as Tableau, Power BI or Looker for insight and analytics

3. Turbo Charge your legacy systems to drive Digital Transformation
Often, our customers are stuck in a legacy constrained environment, where driving technology enabled business change is inhibited by the inability to introduce new business capability and technology in a cheap and efficient way. By overlaying our integration technology on top of legacy systems, our customers can introduce new systems and capabilities to drive transformation in an accelerated, low cost and flexible way.

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