Tippeetap disrupts the recruitment job board space and looks to compete in the same market space as LinkedIn and major job boards with a hybrid platform. Our AI leading edge tech gathers date from Europe and provides "Users" over 5000 jobs per day making us the UK's leading job provider. We offer a free and paid professional version as well as a paid recruiter version. All of our features including job and commercial adverts are free of contract.


“As part of our research we identified large job boards with a combined revenue in excess of $7.8 billion U.S. dollars,” said John Nurthen, Staffing Industry Analysts executive director of global research. “Based on the best available information, we estimate the global market to be between $10 and $20 billion.”

Tippeetap provides a bridge between social media and job boards. It disrupts the marketplace by offering 92% cheaper advertising than its competitors and allows users to search through over 5000 jobs per day. As we grow, our jobs numbers will grow, our user database will be something that recruiters will not be able to ignore in terms of the coverage and value for money and in turn commercial advertisers will then be able to bid for adverts on a site full of market potential.
We are open to partner with leading companies in this space who see us a useful tool to reach more people or even supply us candidates to assist us in achieving our goals quicker and to share in the rewards.
Our overall offer, "Existence Media", is to develop a separate social side to our site with a full suite of activities to generate major volumes of traffic.

Key Benefits

Currently no major competitor to LinkedIn
No video profiling on LinkedIn (yet)
No Contractor profiles. We aim to utilise our contract bench feature and have purchased, www.contractbench.com
No personal project and blog space on their site. We have a video upload feature for this.
Lack of current professional feeds/posts, no regulation. Site now having a Facebook element.
Little external advertising of the site to capture a wider network of candidates and recruiters.
High prices that have annually and strategically increased.
Opportunity to make money from advertising and recruiter sign ups as well as Adsense and others through high volumes of traffic and commercial advertising
5000 jobs on the site everyday.
Huge opportunity in Europe
92% saving on a regular job advert
No contract
Pick and pay facility called PAYCARD
Access to more mail and connections than LinkedIn, even on our free version
Separate social features driving volumes between both parts of the site (Professional and Social)
Global opportunity.


Job search
Recruiter functionality
Video / portfolio profile
Commercial advertising
Candidate database
Professional networking
Job advertising
Data gathering
Industry Groups tool
Private email
Social network

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