Allows the control of end products without needing to touch them, therefore enhancing the HMI in products and services with a richer sense of immersion and presence.


Ultrahaphics' technology controls ultrasound waves to project tactile sensations onto your hand, without the need to wear haptic gloves or use hand-held game controllers. 

From 3D models, shapes and textures, through to invisible buttons and dials that you feel when you need them, this elegant and intuitive technology is a ‘must have’ for a range of immersive applications. Notably, Ultrahaptics’ solutions enhance gesture control, making the user experience more engaging and immersive.

By adding tactile feedback using Ultrahaptics’ technology, you can enhance products and services with a richer sense of presence and control across a range of industries and use cases:

• Automotive: Mid-air control of infotainment systems and dashboard functions

• Appliances: Safe and hygienic control from a distance, virtual safety barriers

• Computing: Adding an extra dimension to 3D imaging and next generation UI

• Consumer: Integrated and seamless control of consumer products

• Gaming: Augments gesture controlled gaming with tactile sensations

• Marketing and advertising: Tactile feedback in advertising and promotion enhances brand engagement, increases recall rate and purchase intention

• Industrial: Enhances HMI, advancing health and safety in public areas

• AR and VR: Enriching virtual objects with the sense of touch, adding presence and enabling truly magical experience such as spells, lightning and sparkle


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