The TR Recruiter ATS immediately identifies the best 5 or so candidates to interview from the 200+ applicants. It cuts vacancy fill time by 90% and starts from £50/vacancy.


TR Recruiter is the first Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that incorporates friction free psychometrics within an ATS for jobs earning less than £50,000 (90% of working pop.). TR Recruiter has the optimum psychometric profiles for 140 roles. It takes less than a minute to set up a new vacancy and create the ‘respond to’ link which is placed within the online vacancy. The applicant uploads their details (CV, covering letter etc…) and then looks into their devicecam for 30 seconds and the application is complete. In the meantime the TR Recruiter builds a psychometric profile of the applicant, using the 7,000+ structures of facial morphology captured from the 6 images, in a GDPR compliant environment.

The TR Recruiter compares the applicant’s psychometric indices to the job specification and ranks the applicants in descending order of best fit. The client’s dashboard, immediately identifies the best candidates to interview and the ATS component allows the client to look at their details before inviting them to interview.

It should be noted that this is a more effective method of enforcing D&I policies when recruiting as it eradicates all unconscious bias from the process.

Key Benefits

1) Reduces Time To Fill by upto 90%
2) Reduces Employee Churn by upto 20%
3) De-Faffs identification of soft skills
4) Commoditising psychometrics and making them Friction Free and affordable brings a tool currently only available to large companies into the orbit of every company.
5) Can be used to identify untapped skills within workforce and place people in jobs that they will enjoy more and therefore excel.

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