TRACX is an all-in-one digital platform from Chase Interaction that simplifies contactless feedback and marketing data collection.


The TRACX contactless solution makes it easier than ever for customers to provide on-the-spot, real-time feedback to brands, but it also empowers businesses to make calculated decisions with the comprehensive dashboard.

Feedback is is powered by contactless technology, near field communication (NFC) and QR codes, meaning that any modern phone can instantly interact.

TRACX offers more than just a customer ratings, it can include time on site, peak times, customer surveys, keyword feedback analysis and marketing lead generation, so that businesses can start making instant, yet smart decisions on their business.

Key Benefits

• Contactless (QR and NFC)
• Quick to deploy
• Reporting and Analysis
• Integrations


• Real time customer feedback
• Customer / visitor tracking
• Custom surveys
• Customer experience
• Visitor experience

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