Tuk Tuk Chai

Tuk Tuk Chai is the first and only ready-to-drink iced milk tea available in UK

Tuk Tuk Chai is the 1st and only ready-to-drink iced milk tea brewed with Keralan tea leaves available in 3 intriguing flavours. Our 250 ml Tetra Pak cartons are perfect on-the-go.


Tuk Tuk Chai is the first and only ready-to-drink iced milk tea available in The UK. It presents a number of USPs: - We use the finest black tea leaves which are brewed with milk, water and optional spices - Our tea is available in 3 distinctive flavours: Authentic Original Chai, Flavoursome Masala Chai and Aromatic Cardamom Chai. - Our tea is sourced from 100% Rainforest Alliance certified farms. Tuk Tuk Chai is available in 250ml Tetra Pak packaging. It offers a very unique solution for consuming milk tea on the go. It is particularly relevant for Millennials and Generation Z. In addition, this target market is very keen to explore exciting flavours. Tuk Tuk Chai offers innovation in the ready-to-drink dairy and tea markets where very little innovation has been seen recently. Tuk Tuk Chai is a very unique premium product having launched a first of its kind product in the UK market. Coffee drinkers have plenty of premium and good quality ready-to-drink iced coffee options available in supermarket fridges. However in a nation of milk tea drinkers, ready-to-drink milk tea was totally inexistent until Tuk Tuk Chai launched in 2017. We are therefore offering a premium product that is also convenient to the consumer out of home. Moreover consumers have the option to consume our tea on the go or to heat it up in the office or at home depending on their mood or preference. Tuk Tuk Chai is available in 3 intriguing flavours: Authentic Original Chai, which is the most mainstream premium option of black tea leaves brewed with milk and water. Our two other flavours: Flavoursome Masala Chai and Aromatic Cardamom Chai offer a more intriguing range to the market. Foodies and people who travel are well aware that the chai options they can buy in coffee shops or in powders/ syrups/ tea bags are not authentic chai and are also overly sweet. Tuk Tuk Chai offers the consumer an authentic product which they can instantly recognise, and which reminds them of their travels in India. In addition, our story is very much liked by the public. The passion and personable approach of the brand has been praised repeatedly.

Key Benefits

- A scaled up brewing process already launched in the market - A completely innovative product which reinvents the classic concept of milk tea to compete with the growing popularity of iced coffee - Introduction of intriguing flavours appealing to young Millennials and Generation Z - Responding to the growing popularity of out-of-home tea by delivering convenience with a premium offer


Tea, dairy drinks, Soft drinks

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