Ubidots is a leading Internet of Things (IoT) platform, powering state-of-the-art solutions to healthcare solution providers worldwide.


Ubidots IoT platform gives system integrators the ability to create a real-time picture of healthcare systems for their end-customers, so they can respond faster and better allocate resources.

Our healthcare partners are using the Ubidots platform to improve the quality of care around the globe.

From overcrowded hospitals and unprecedented costs to growing demand from aging populations—the healthcare industry today faces tough problems. And industry leaders are increasingly turning to IoT to solve them.

What if you could remotely track and respond to a patient’s conditions? Or predict equipment failures before they happen, saving maintenance costs—and lives? Connecting healthcare devices, medical assets, and patients to a central IoT platform opens up rich opportunities for innovation and increased efficiency.

Key Benefits

Using Ubidots, health-tech solution providers can:

-Harness Ubidots dashboards and alerts to enable the real-time understanding of assets or patients’ health.

-Efficiently track and manage inventory:
Track the exact location and condition of medical assets (i.e. blood banks, vaccines), and receive alerts when they are mishandled or out of a predetermined temperature range.

-Boost asset longevity:
Medical devices often come with high price tags. Ubidots enables asset management applications by predicting equipment failures and maintenance needs.

-Improve health outcomes with care on-the-go:
Extend the continuum of care into patients’ homes through wearables and remote monitoring. Empower patients to take control of their recovery through health tracking apps on their mobile phones.


-Cold Chain Monitoring
-Patient monitoring
-Supply Chain Success
-Emergency Transport

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