Ultra-low volume spraying ULV

New direction in agriculture is ultra-small spraying

Ultra-low volume spraying (ULV) is a technology in which plant protection products are applied with a minimum cost of the working solution - 1.5-3 l / ha. Drop size of about 100 m


Our company Def C LLC (Kiev, Ukraine) is engaged in the production of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for aerial photography of the area and aerial reconnaissance. Our new direction in agriculture is ultra-small spraying. We ask you to consider the possibility of using your plant protection products with a consumption rate of the working solution - 1.5-3 liter / hectare Works will be performed: Drone DR-60 - the largest unmanned vehicle for spraying plant protection products. Its empty take-off weight is 85 kg, and the payload can reach 60 kg. This solution accurately atomizes plant protection products automatically. The introduction of plant protection products ultra-small - 1.5-3 liter / hectare; spraying width - 20 meters; drop size - 100-150 microns; field processing capacity - 75 hectares / hour. Pumps stop the flow of fluid to the nozzles. UAV does not require additional equipment to work on the field. The flight route is determined by GPS coordinates, and the flight is carried out at a height of 5-10 m.

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