Ultrasonic Payments & Data

LISNR Gives Retailers Control in Payments, Control Over Data, and Control of UX

LISNR sends data Ultrasonically via inaudible sound waves, when embedded in retailer-owned mobile app we are able to get better than card not present fees for mobile transactions.


Originally developed as a device independent method of communicating short messages to consumers, LISNR’s software solution inserts, then extracts data using inaudible tones through standard speakers and microphones. Today, our partners such as Jaguar Land Rover, Visa, Intel, and the US Government and more use this solution to enable frictionless experiences and payments for consumers around the world. We are working with merchants (currently working with Target via the METRO Target Retail Accelerator) across industries to improve the customer journey, data control, and transaction control, ultimately while providing a better customer experience. The retail customer’s journey has a number of touch points, from identification to checkout. LISNR’s ultrasonic communication helps shoppers gain personalized promotions and experiences, and even complete mobile payments from anywhere in the store. Our technology allows retailers to enable mobile wallet experiences across transactional and experiential use cases which we together call "micro-moments'. We are uniquely positioned to enable payments using sound because our technology is both able to send the largest amount of data per second (1000 bits per second) and we also enable duplex communication. This allows devices using LISNR’s SDK to communicate back and forth using encrypted language, establish a secure connection, and pass a one-time-use payment token to the payee—all using sound that is above the human hearing range. From a technology standpoint, we are an alternative to NFC and QR codes, as we enable seamless and safe transactions that empower merchants to own their own customer data. No more sharing transaction data with a handset manufacturer or dealing with rampant QR fraud.

Key Benefits

- Control of Data, Control of UX/UI, Control of Payment Moment. - Be able to transact over a distance between 5-8ft, removing lines and waiting, creating a frictionless shopping experience. - Cost - We can offer better than card not present fees for mobile transactions. There are also savings in integration and hardware as we are a software solution. - Since we don't connect to the cloud, our system can enable a more secure way to pay for retailers.


Ultrasonic Payments embedded into a retailer owned mobile applications connecting the online and offline experience - Creating the ecommerce experience in store curbside pickup authentication in-store pickup authentication Loyalty Program authentication Fraud prevention

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