Unlock the power of online intelligence combined with physical presence. Reach your customer through smaller scale autonomous retail points with a very relevant offering.


End-to-end solution which tackles all operational aspects of running your shop unmanned or less manned. From seamless payments, to automatic ordering, instore promotion and electronic shelf labels. All of which is tied together by our in-house developed plug & play system which simply works with your existing formula, supply base and ERP.

This solution will allow you to explore new opportunities in reaching your customer base, in a very targeted, relevant and cost-effective way. Instead of attracting consumers to your shops, bring shops with their specific wants and needs to the consumers…where they live, work and play.

These smaller satellite shops would have less SKU’s but all of them tailored to what consumers want at that specific location. These shops could be replenished via your existing supplier base or even by your larger stores in the vicinity (hub-and-spoke), further increasing cost-efficiency.

Key Benefits

• Fully functional and working Plug and Play total solution

• Being used in 80+ mini markets and hotels, already proven itself as a successful system

• Eliminates the need for multiple different systems and consultants

• Offers an end-to-end solution existing out of one eco-system, completely developed in-house

• Provides new opportunities to existing brick-and-mortar retailers, based on data-driven insights and online intelligence.


Retail and Hospitality

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