Patented process which utilizes a wastestream generated by liquid egg processing for the purposes of manufacturing a highly pure form of all-natural and sustainable calcium.


We have spent ~7 years developing a process that is patented in several different jurisdictions and is capable of utilizing an existing wastestream from a particular type of food processing operation, which would otherwise largely go to landfill, in order to offset our need to mine for raw material and manufacture highly pure forms of calcium and membrane/collagen that have been tailored for supply into the human ingestible and specialty packaging markets - including, but not limited to, nutraceuticals/natural health, pharmaceuticals, food fortification, cosmetics and personal care. The material that we are bringing to market is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to the traditional mined resource material that is being used across these sectors currently. Further our EggTech calcium material is superior from a mineral composition and purity perspective. Our calcium has also been shown to be conducive for absorption and uptake in the GI tract, which in turn, emphasizes its relevance to be used for nutritional purposes.
We have been engaged with some of the largest contract manufacturers and vertically-integrated end-users in the US, Canada, and Europe for several years. These end-use parties have run extensive validation and compatibility trials, all of which have come back with positive performance results. This puts groups who intend to utilize our unique form of the mineral in a position to integrate it into existing product formulations while reducing the resources and manpower that would otherwise be required to reformulate and take advantage of the nuanced benefits and marketable differentiation that our material offers.

Key Benefits

Enhanced potency of calcium for human nutrition and related applications.
An all-natural and sustainable alternative to mined forms of the mineral that are currently in use in the target markets.
Integratability of EggTech form of the mineral into existing formulations, thus reducing the time and resources required in order to take advantage of the nuances and differentiation that is brought forth by its inclusion in a given product.


Human Nutrition
Functional Foods
Personal Care
Specialty Packaging
Specialized Animal Nutrition

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