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Urvin.Discover is a novel, proprietary approach to natural language processing that is uniquely able to understand nuanced meaning and context.


Urvin.Discover is a natural language processing engine uniquely able to understand nuanced meaning and context. It is a robust, generic engine that has broad language coverage, and can be extended to multiple languages. It also has domain-specific modules to deeply understand language in a specific industry, including Finance, Automotive and Legal. Urvin AI partners with clients to understand the challenges that their businesses face, and help them solve those challenges. We are a full-stack development shop, able to rapidly build MVP POCs and turn those into highly scalable production systems. Our record of deploying AI into production, at-scale, is what makes our organization unique.

Key Benefits

Urvin.Discover can understand nuance and context, which is often lost with natural language processing platforms. It can also be highly customized, integrating company-specific jargon and abbreviation. Finally, it's not a black box. If you want to peer under the covers to understand how it arrived at an answer, you can do that.


We have used Urvin.Discover for the following use cases: 1. Categorization of products based on unstructured product descriptions for tax rate determination. 2. Highlighting areas of risk in legal contracts and suggesting edits/redlines. 3. Document search and discovery. 4. Early warning system for automotive field reports to spot emerging problems and common themes. 5. Automation and assistance for due diligence in financial services.

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