Underground Traffic Management System (UTMS) by ITelsys, is an innovative system for controlling and managing truck/vehicle traffic on harsh environments. such as mines.


UTMS is a complete solution from truck PC panels, tunnel radio devices to a Control Room where data analysis, traffic management rules and daily route planning can be achieved.
Developed by software/hardware engineers and mining engineers the UTMS is a Python-based platform which can be expanded along with the mine.
How it works:
UTMS deploys a dynamic network all along the mine site. Plug-n-play solution, 100% wireless, reliable, with high efficiency and low maintenance.
Easily add or remove radio devices according to mine development schedule. Once the radio device switched on, within range, it will be a part of the network.
Data reliability is up to 99.999%, radio devices consume low power proving a number of years of trouble-free operation solution.
With UTMS each driver adds his destination to the system through a PC-Panel and the system grants permission to drivers when all rules are met.

Key Benefits

- Optimizes traffic management (minimal waiting times) –
potential to add customized rules
- Improves underground communication
- Low cost for project sizes
- Extensible system with mine design applications
- Increases ore production, reduces hours of non-productive
- Notification for emergency situations
- Reduces likelihood of accidents and improves safety
- Overview of truck routes – daily plan coverage
- Truck Status (load/unload area, re-fuel / parking area), average
time of loading and unloading per truck
- Productivity reporting
- User friendly – no essential training needed for drivers, easily
add vehicles/truck for contractor operations


- Mining Operations
- Underground Sites

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