UV-C decontamination solutions for the transfer of goods from 'low-risk' areas into 'high-care' environments, reducing water and chemical usage and increasing shelf life.


UV-C decontamination tunnel, incorporating its own conveyor system for the transfer of goods / product from 'low-risk' areas into 'high-care' . Constructed using ‘food grade’ stainless steel, conforming to EHEDG guidelines and being hygienic by design.
Our systems are fully interlocked and incorporate light traps to ensure no UV leakage.

Key Benefits

Benefits include:

• Reduces the use of chemicals, heat treatment, additives and process water
• The shelf life of products can be greatly increased
• Hygiene standards are safeguarded
• BRC 8 compliance
• HACCP compliance
• The freshness of products can be guaranteed for longer
• Complaints are reduced and company reputation is safeguarded
• Delivers a real competitive advantage
• Reduced threat of food borne outbreak•


Food Processors

Any company where the transfer of products, goods or materials are required to be transferred from a 'low-risk' area into a 'high-care' environment.

UV Technology supply UV-C decontamination systems for the treatment of air, surfaces and liquids. These systems can be applied in the Food Industry, Healthcare environments, Facilities Management and HVAC systems.

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