UV Technology's bespoke product decontamination tunnels use UV-C light to create bespoke solutions to decontaminate products, surfaces, air or liquids.


UV Technology are the UK's leading provider of UV-C decontamination solutions and equipment. We have 13years experience in providing UV-C solutions, which has primarily been focused in the food industry. Therefore, we have an in depth understanding of the challenges that the industry faces and the increased and constant pressure for higher quality and longer lasting produce.

Our bespoke UV-C decontamination solutions use UV-C light to deactivate 99.99% of all micro-organisms, including bacteria and viruses. The technology is a 'dry solution', meaning that there is a reduced use of water and chemicals.

We are also highly experienced in creating solutions applicable for the transfer from 'low risk' to 'high risk' areas within a food factory, which has always represented a challenge for food producers.

Key Benefits

Benefits include:

• Reduced use of chemicals, heat treatment, additives and process water
• Shelf life of products can be greatly increased
• Reduction in microbiological contamination, these include health threats from Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter, Listeria, etc
• Hygiene standards are safeguarded
• BRC 8 compliance
• HACCP compliance
• Quality complaints are reduced and company reputation is safeguarded
• Low maintenance costs
• Delivery of a real competitive advantage


Food processors

Any setting where the transfer of products, goods or materials are required to be transferred from a 'low-risk' area into a 'high-care' environment.

UV Technology supply UV-C decontamination systems for the treatment of air, surfaces and liquids. These systems can be applied in the Food Industry, Healthcare environments, Facilities Management and HVAC systems.

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