V.Dox Technology

Powers the only bioelectric antimicrobial wound care products in the world.

Non-antibiotic antimicrobial wound dressings-embedded moisture-activated microcell batteries mimic skin's 'current of injury. Robust antimicrobial impact & healing acceleration.


V.Dox Technology features embedded microcell batteries designed to mimic skin's physiologic electrical energy (which is essential for healing). Backed by 21 peer-reviewed scientific and clinical publications, V.Dox Technology has demonstrated the ability to kill a broad spectrum of microbes (including multi-drug resistant and biofilm-forming pathogens) and the ability to increase the rate of re-ephithelialization. The end result ? ... reduced risk of infection and wound healing support. The future of wound care and infection control is electric. #killsbugsnodrugs

Key Benefits

Kills bacteria WITHOUT use of antibiotics Decreases risk of infection Supports wound healing


OTC Market: Indicated for superficial wounds such as minor cuts, scrapes, irritations, abrasions, blisters, etc. Ideal for road rash and turf burn injuries. Prescription Market: Indicated for partial and full-thickness wounds such as pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, first and second degree burns, surgical incisions, donor and recipient graft sites, etc. Currently being commercialized in the US and several countries OUS.

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