VCode is a replacement for bar and QR codes, with a much faster response time and other benefits, such as multiple links available per code, and unlimited numbers of codes.


VCode has many applications, including marketing, security management, supply chain tracking, brand management and so on. In this instance, I am entering this information in specific response to the Crown application for high speed metal can counting. The VCode, though either firmware updates to existing bar code or QR code readers (or through SDK / API links), can be scanned by existing scanners without new hardware investment.

Key Benefits

These are some of the benefits, which will apply in part or in whole, dependent on the application.
Unlike bar codes and QR codes, VCodes are closed loop, allowing complete security. They are reprogrammable. The person (or object) scanning can be identified by time, location, interest etc). There are unlimited VCodes available. Each VCode can provide multiple links. Rules and permissions can be set to determine who can see what, where and when, and which piece of information they can access. VCodes can be used for cradle-to-grave manufacturing and supply chain monitoring, from factory through shipping to vendor, end user and even to recycling. VCodes can be read on the fly. They can be used for anti-counterfeiting and supply chain security. Dynamic content delivery. API and SDK links / integration available. Content can be changed at will.


Any organisation with employees, suppliers, supply chains, customers, goods, clients or activities can usefully benefit from VCodes.
Applications are very broad but fall into three broad categories: authentification, track & trace, to push market to your customers.
More specifically but only a cross-section: payment transfers, bookings, documentation security, promotions, brand positioning and promotion, events management, supply train traceability, authenticity management, charitable donations, property sales, video access and marketing, customer contact in real and virtual gaming / gamification environments, cinema advertising, personal data storage, fraud and counterfeiting, ticket control, advertising, passenger management, shipping, asset management, logistics, ID cards, all existing bar code and QR users, packaging and printing....
Potential markets include banking, government, sports, brands, FMCG, restaurants, bars & clubs, legal firms, travel, clothing, charities, estate agents, advertisers, individuals, currency and security printers, packaging, insurance, marketing, hospitals and health care, courts, museums & galleries, ports, carriers, manufacturers, magazines, pharma, life sciences, education, supermarkets, on line sales organisations....

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