VCode is going to replace barcodes and QR codes, but is going to do much more than that. It has many benefits - security, programmability, communicability.


VCode® allows any user to gain information instantaneously on the move in both online and offline environments.

A VCode® is a 2 dimensional code that links the physical world to a purchase or any form of information and acts as a secure identifier.

When a VCode® is scanned by a camera on a smart device it links the user to the secure, cloud-based VPlatform® which contains a complete record of who scans (the user), where (GPS location), what (transaction, information etc.) and when...

VCode® has a wide range of applications which far surpasses the competition's offerings.Here are some of the sectors where VCode® will enhance the user, the brand and the customer experience:

Scan to buy from a poster or advertisement. This could be in a shopping mall, on an outdoor advertising poster, a digital screen, on a train, bus, taxi...
Scan to buy from a digital or analogue screen at a concert or festival.
Scan to order food and drinks, merchandise, tickets etc. at a football game. If the code is on your seat, they will know where you are!
Scan to bet from a poster or screen at a race course, tennis tournament or any sporting event.

VCode® can link directly to any form of information such as: websites, videos, photos, books, documents and much more.

The VCode® allows any user to gain information instantaneously.

Information can be analysed and distributed in various formats based on the user demographic, geo-location and/or past interactions, enabling intelligent profiling.

VCode® allows brands & companies to attach a VCode® to their item to provide traceability from the manufacturing process through to the point-of-sale. Users can scan the VCode® to check that a product is genuine, and to register their warranties, monitor maintenance, and when necessary disposal of an item.

VCode® is a superior secure solution for packaging, banking and general proof of identity. All VCode®s are unique and the information can change on the fly. All interactions are reported to the system and the VCode®s result screen destination can't be accessed by a user outside of the system.

VCode® allows convenient, faster and more secure banking digitally and physically. The VCode® can shield recipients details by allowing payments via a VCode®.

Interactive polling and voting systems can make use of VCode® by allowing users to interact and send reports via the app after interacting with a promotion.

The VCode® can function as a One-VCode®-For-All solution where all loyalty passes and membership cards can be stored against just one VCode®.

VCode® allows for a safer workplace, simple checklists and reporting systems accompanied by the platforms analytics, can speed up, and make safer, any work or public environment.

Key Benefits

Business benefits include:
Include call-to-actions within advertisements prompting a VCode scan and interaction.
Update content VCodes deliver dynamically over time without changing the form of the VCodes themselves.
Deliver bespoke content to individuals who scan VCodes on advertisements dependent on who they are and where / when they make the scan - delivering geographic and time-relevant content.
Retrieve real-time analytics behind every VCode interaction.
Capacity to better understand ROI of different mediums based on interaction statistics retrieved.
Capacity to reach back to anyone who has interacted with VCodes upon advertisements over time with updates and rewards via the VCode app.

User benefits include:
Instantly act upon advertisements that are of interest, with a simple VCode scan catering for further interaction and / or a purchase possibility.
Re-access content over time via the history tab within the VCode app.
Get rewarded with interactions with advertisements over time, with brands having the capacity to reward loyal users.

I could list specific benefits for each vertical industry, including interactive content and payments for real estate (realtor) activity, for charity donations, for video interaction, for events (sporting, music theatrical etc), for product interaction (including product authentication information, product endorsement videos, ingredients used, allergy information & expiry information for foods, materials used and product journey (for clothing for example),exclusive competitions and direct purchase facilities, integrating with EPOS.

VCode has multiple applications and multiple benefits for almost every organisation which has clients or customers, has transactions, products or services, employs people or technology. Contact us to find out exactly how VCodes can help you.


Applications include payment transfers, vouchers, bookings, document security, promotions, brand management and promotion, events management, supply train traceability, authenticity management, charitable donations, property sales, video access and marketing, competitions, secure personal information storage, fraud and counterfeiting management and reduction, ticketing control, advertising, passenger management, shipping, asset management, ID cards, all existing barcode and QR code users, packaging and printing... the list really is endless.

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