As a innovators we have design a innovative solutions based around a integrated logistical, transportation& warehouse cluster which we would like to co-develop & implement.


As a innovators we have designed a innovative B2B & B2B2C supply chain solutions based around a innovation & R&D 3D printable warehouse business park cluster which will house the Logistics, Transportation and Warehousing sector.

Key Benefits

My 3D printable B2B & B2B2C service based warehouse business park cluster will focus on innovation, R&D and automation across the Logistics, Transportation and Warehousing sector in-conjunction with housing different types of Logistics, Transportation and Warehousing companies of all sizes across the supply chain.

Developing a digital representation / digital twin via BIM modeling of my 3D printable logistics, transportation and warehouse business park cluster


Raising horizon Europe funding to implement a demonstration project of my cluster.

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