Driving business initiatives from wherever you are in a virtual environment, whether that's a strategic workshopping session or an immersive technical session


With 4 Roads expertise in current and experiential technologies, we are building class-leading immersive experiences underpinned by our homegrown open-source digital experience platform, SocialStack, used today by leading-edge brands like eBay, Credit Suisse and Bridgestone.

SocialStack is highly secure, scalable, and provides all the benefits of an off-the-shelf product while offering the flexibility of a custom solution, allowing you to tailor a virtual experience to your audience's needs.

SocialStack has a library of event modules ready to pick from, including live streaming, engagement tools, breakout rooms, on-demand video, alerts & notifications, Q&A, polling, private messages, meetings, sponsors, speakers, 3rd party integrations, and immersive 3D environments.

With SocialStack, we can elevate the virtual experience beyond the purely functional and deliver the highest quality production values. We do this with a fusion of the best-in-class internet technologies currently available, which allow us to have a new kind of customer experience platform that puts design and functionality front and centre.

Meanwhile, the world around us has changed immeasurably, and this provides us with a rare opportunity to push the boundaries and break new ground. It allows us to question how we interact with customers. As such, we are not proposing an imitation of the real, physical world, but a radically different and vastly amplified 'spatial experience.' Free from any real-world constraints and with the ability to defy the laws of physics, the imaginative possibilities are endless.

Key Benefits

From engaging experiential, immersive experiences at the start of your customer's journey to building immersive content into your virtual customer experience centre, there is an exciting opportunity to enhance customer experiences and help Fujitsu build a deeper understanding of customers and their needs.


Hosting your virtual customer centre will contribute to Fujitsu's sustainability objectives by removing the logistics component of a physical customer experience centre and eliminates the requirement for travel, hotel, energy consumption, etc.

Driving deeper connections with your customers:

Virtual platforms offer different ways for customers to connect in 1:1 and group settings via chat, video calls, topic-specific forums, and meet-and-mingle sessions. Opportunities are countless, and the option to integrate contact and social media information in attendee profiles facilitate the follow-up discussions once the connections have sparked.

Removal of geographical limitation:

Taking your customer experience centre virtual removes geographical boundaries.


Businesses, the economy, and society are at a crucial stage in the adoption of immersive technology. Everything is in place for these technologies to now deliver on their promise by improving the way organisations operate, making processes faster and more effective, and creating incredible new experiences.

Currently, immersive technologies play an essential role in several areas, including retail and e-commerce, telco, IT, and video games, interactive storytelling, military, education, and medicine.

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