We have developed the world's first tool that develops 2d planograms and then deploys these in a virtual reality retail environment. This allows cost effective, scenario testing.


Our innovation allows for the development of 2D planograms which can then be deployed into a full immersive virtual reality retail environment. This tool can then be used in the following ways:

1. Retail space configuration testing
2. Retail space demonstrating to product manufacturers enquiring about more information in relation to product placement in store
3. Consumer testing of different retail scenarios
4. Heat map and data gathering from consumer testing scenarios
5. Data analysis from testing can be applied to a deep learning predictive analytics tool
6. Substantial cost savings achieved from developing and testing many different retail scenarios.

Key Benefits

1. Allows real world understanding of how a retail space will look and perform. Far superior to the existing 2D planogram solutions.
2. Allows multiple retail space testing scenarios.
3. Allows consumer testing of multiple retail scenarios.
4. Heat maps and data can be collected from consumer testing. Allows assessment of optimal retail configuration.
5. Data can be compiled into deep learning software to extrapolate predictions about what changes in the retail space, will have the most impact.


The software has a particular application to the retail market. Promoting significant efficiencies in retail planning. However, it could be used:

1. As a simulated space planning tool for multiple industries.
2. As a training / education simulation tool. Research is showing that VR training simulations save up to 90% on training costs and promote much better recall of the training delivered.

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