Sodalite create virtual reality environments, predominantly supermarkets and other retail outlets, like petrol forecourts. Most of our current clients are FMCG manufacturers.


To create affordable useable interactive virtual environments and virtual stores, utilising A.I. and data mining, that allow collaboration using cloud technology and gamification to add the social aspect of online to engage teams quickly, speeding up innovation for faster access to insights, allowing them to focus on business outcomes; profit, revenue and experience. Trialling ideas in VR allows you to make mistakes before you get to the costly implementation or deployment stages. We work with store layouts, shelf layouts, new product innovations, marketing and merchandising for shopper engagement, consumer research and path to purchase.
We are commercially available but can modify to suit specific requirements.

Key Benefits

Our virtual reality shopping environments can be used to test different merchandising layouts, marketing initiatives and point of sale material, new product ideas or packaging designs. They can also be used to improve partner training in a variety of ways. Sodalite have been in the business of virtual reality visualisation for retail for over twenty years but have kept up with digital natives by partnering with the University of Bedfordshire computer department.


Our most successful route to improvement is by providing visual stimuli for focus groups in qualitative research but we have successfully proven improved customer experience using our VR tools, with rearranged layouts improving dwell times. The step change towards less waste requires consumer and partner engagement, we can do this in several ways, including game style environments with eye tracking. This is our business niche. We would love to come and brainstorm other uses with you.

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