Effective design reviews and constructive spatial meetings with remote collaboration, augmented & virtual reality. Use 3D, desktops, mobile ,AR,VR and 5G to reduce your costs.


Smarter, more visual video conferencing. Our users solve complex spatial problems, quickly communicate design intent and experience the sense of presence that’s not possible in traditional video conference.

Key Benefits

- Less life on video calls, meetings, phones and emails.
- Think of all these travel and material costs. Virtual meetings cost much less.
- Remote workers say loneliness is a problem. Virtualist brings people closer.
- Remote meetings do not emit CO2. Healthy for you and your planet.
- Your work will rest stored in secure cloud.


AEC - Upload architecture or engineering project and do a quick online or on-site real-time review
Landscaping - Users perform on-site landscape reviews with virtual content
Marketing - Create virtual company office and invite clients online
Virtual Events - Hold virtual event with lots of remote visitors
Urbanists - Run visual reviews on smart city project
Real Estate - Sell space ONLINE before it’s built
Training - Train employees in a virtual space without physical dangers & risks
Brainstorm - Hold internal meeting and quickly work on ideas visually
Research - Consult research results between remote teams
Education - Make a remote lesson with props and online students

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