Vision, Hearing, BMI screener

Innovation in child screening and immunisation

SchoolScreener software is used by individual schools or regional health serivce providers to manage screening, immunisation and associated health programmes


In many schools where screening of vision, hearing and BMI takes place the processes are often manual and may involve significant resource in transferring data and managing the results of the screening process. This technology makes use of a laptop to deliver the screening and requires minimal skills to supervise in order to screen a large number of children efficiently and quickly. The system is an integrated solution with a sophisticated back end cloud server that manages the screening processes and delivers the results in order to ensure children needing further interventions receive it and that the data can be analysed by healthcare providers. The system is now undergoing further development to add modules for monitoring and administering immunisation. Further details can be found on the International website: and the UK website:

Key Benefits

SchoolScreener is currently used in many UK trust hospitals and has a proven track record for effectiveness, reducing administration, improving data analysis and reducing screening costs.


The company has also developed two variants. One is used in over 3,000 UK schools by teachers, support staff and volunteers to check whether poor vision may be affecting educational progress. The other is designed for Occupational Health markets. It is used by many healthcare providers across the UK and is being trialled in selected overseas territories.

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