It is clear that Value Retail has amazing brands and in-person customer experiences. How can we give promotions and offers in the Metaverse to replicate this same level of CX?


We believe that Value Retail can adopt our promotion engine. We can deliver bespoke validation criteria which can be any product SKU, brand, category. We can then apply this to customers shopping and exploring the Metaverse version of Value Retail destinations such as Bicester.

We can then take it a step further and have different offers and promotions based on where the customer is physically based - ie a Chinese customer visiting the Burberry store in the Metaverse of Bicester can receive a different promotion compared to a French customer.

We can also facilitate different brand partnerships, so for example any customers who have purchased something from Molton Brown can redeem a complimentary diffuser from l'Occitane if they walk down the Metaverse location to the L'Occitane store - or can redeem a 20% discount Deliveroo / Gorillas version of a Patty & Bun burger to be delivered to their home if they've bought a Burberry trench coat.

All coordinated by Value Retail becoming the Metaverse retail destination, powered by Uniqodo's sophisticated promotion technology.

Key Benefits

We are unique - An advanced promotion engine, delivered as a bespoke SaaS solution with an expert team bolted onto it. We also ensure codes will never get leaked, as we'll deploy them with single use unique code functionality.


to be discussed.

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