VR Travel entertainment platform for boosting revenue & passenger experience


Inflight VR is the leader provider of a VR entertainment platform within the Travel & Leisure industry.

Our product has won the trust of many top-tier clients in various travel related segments.
For aviation we have served customers such as: Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Iberia, Austrian Airlines, Airbus and many others. In 2019 we have been an award winning finalist for best customer experience by the Crystal Cabin awards.

After successfully validating travel entertainment in the airline industry, our expertise and technology has helped us to easily transition into other means of transportation and have served for example Flixbus in Germany and the US with outstanding results.

Our product is equipped with the right tools for improving the customer experience while increasing the performance & benefits! With benefits, we mean real financial benefits as we have established for several of our aviation customers a ROI in just several months.

Looking at the future: the mobility & transport concepts are constantly evolving.

The challenge is to ensure that the mobility of tomorrow is not only autonomous but also exciting and unique for passengers while guaranteeing the highest comfort and safety.

Emerging trends and technologies have to be considered and solutions that stand out have to be developed.

Please do reach out to us if you have any questions or just like to know more about our product.

Let's make virtual reality a business reality

Key Benefits

Benefits for the passengers / travellers:

- Improved travel comfort
- Perceived shorter travel duration
- Unique entertainment

Benefits for the business:

- Increase customer loyalty & satisfaction
- Increase ancillary revenues
- Innovation & differentiation


- Aircrafts
- Trains
- Busses
- Lounges
- Cars
- Hospitality market
- Leisure industry

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