Clariant's LicomontBS100 saves energy by lowering the mixing temperature of asphalt, it improves durability of roads significantly and it is based on >90% of renewable carbon


Licomont BS 100 is a warm mix bitumen/asphalt modifier. It enables the reduction of energy/CO2 consumption in road construction, improves workplace safety and contributes to extending the life span of roads. By its addition to bitumen (3wt%), the mixing and installation temperature of asphalt can be reduced up to 30°C. This saves a lot of fuel and CO2 emissions as well as it minimizes the VOC emission in the installation phase. In asphalt and bitumen, Licomont BS 100 improves hardness, temperature resistance, compacting and coverage of minerals, leading to a more robust and longer lasting road. And all that while being based on >90% renewable carbon.

Key Benefits

Licomont BS 100 is based on >90% of renewable based carbon. It has no hazard labels and a high thermal stability It reduces VOC emissions and odor during construction work Works as viscosity reducing additive Increases softening point of bitumen and asphalt Improves hardness of installed roads May save costs for the community by improving life span of roads Efficient at low dosing levels Contributes to saving resources by reduction of processing temperature of the asphalt Helps prolonging life span of roads by providing a higher resistance to erosion and wheel ruts Lowers viscosity of bitumen and thus enhancing workability of asphalt mixes Ideal for heavy-duty asphalt mixes, e. g. airfields, intersections


-Road construction market -Bitumen modifyers

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