We generate a comprehensive picture of your company’s current environmental impact based on your ‘waste’ streams - or as we prefer to call them, resources.


We generate a comprehensive picture of your business’ current environmental impact based on the ‘waste’ streams you produce.

This data, supplemented with resource testing reveals opportunities for material development, which can help you decarbonise, bring circularity to your business, reduce costs and add value.

This service is broken into three steps:


To identify ways to help your company decarbonise we can assess your ‘waste’ streams. We collect and analyse data on three or more resources to generate an understanding of your carbon flow and environmental impact.

We provide you with a comprehensive demonstration of the opportunities for decarbonisation through material development.


We carry out a schedule of tests and experiments with your ‘waste’ stream with an objective to validate it as a feasible feedstock to create mycelium and / or Orb materials.

Once the success of the experiments is assessed, we can demonstrate the decarbonisation potential of the resource and determine the possibilities of incorporating it into a circular material and / or product.


Once your 'waste' has gone through a feasibility study and is deemed ‘usable’, we produce samples of a unique material incorporating your resource.

We test and optimise the material’s properties to determine potential applications for your 'waste'. This reveals further product development pathways, demonstrating the possibilities and routes for decarbonisation.

Key Benefits

Decarbonisation by recirculating waste streams into novel materials.


We can investigate any types of waste to be regenerated into materials for any application!

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