This invention is a specialized waveguide design tuned to the unique Angular Space Light Modulator (ASLM) angle dependent pattern output that extends the field-of-view in displays.


Waveguide for Angular Space Light Modulator Display

Tech ID: UA20-013

This invention is a specialized waveguide design that is tuned to the unique Angular Space Light Modulator (ASLM) angle dependent pattern output. This achieves an extended field of view (FOV) output, which is small enough to be integrated into a headset with packaging as small as a typical pair of glasses. This compactness and wide field of view is the ultimate goal for the Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR) headset industry.

Current VR and AR headsets have a limited field of view that restricts them reaching their full capabilities. The use of typical Spatial Light Modulators (SLM) have several restrictive design requirements that cause these limitations. Headsets are currently being used widely for entertainment, creative purposes, designing, medicine, therapy, business management and training. This research will allow for integration of current product goals into packaging the size of a typical pair of glasses.

Earlier technology, like in Google Glass, used polarized beam combiners to combine a digital display with a see-through real world scene. However, the field of view was small: 13-20 degrees. Meta 2 used off-axis semi-spherical combiner and achieved almost 90 degree FOV but the headsets were bulky. Waveguides use diffraction gratings to bend light through total internal reflection and direct the digital graphics to the eye. Magic Leap headsets have a 120 degree x 90 degree FOV. However, waveguides require precision construction and they are sensitive to environmental conditions like temperature. Plus, the angular resolution suffers with larger displays in the typical trade-off between image crispness and FOV.

Key Benefits

- Extended field of view
- All-in-one
- Compact
- Lightweight


- Gaming
- Work applications
- Design
- Entertainment
- Therapy
- Medicine

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